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It appears that our very own Grim Organist has a secret life he hasn’t told us about. Is his grumpy nature just a great facade for his rockstar persona I wonder? I’m onto you Organist, I know your game. 

I am slightly skeptical of this since he appears to be playing a organ (as his name suggests) but the notes coming out of it sound more like a piano than an organ’s deeper chiming sound. Has Organist been faking his talent with an organ for all these  many decades?  Hostess is not amused by this concept. 

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    … Oh…kay, I suppose we can let this one slide… o.O But… *points to eyes, points to Organist, points to eyes*
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    Notice that I am not in the ballroom… This was for a silly little mortal get-together, I suppose. I was approached by...
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