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So I’ve been looking into this thing called shipping on the internet…

This has led to me running round the mansion and proceeding to leap out on people conversing and yell “You are my OTP!!” then  run off laughing like a little girl. I haven’t had this much fun in ages! 

I can’t really ship Auntie Leota with anyone, she’s so darn asexual! That woman took a vow of chastity when she became a psychic and refuses to even acknowledge how attractive anyone is. (I think this is why she was saddened when my ex-fiancee proposed, after my wedding day she thought I wouldn’t be pure no longer so couldn’t be her apprentice. Think of  that what you will)

Anyway my point is that my true OTP is Master Gracey and Beating Heart bride Emily. Sure technically Emily’s groom Hattie is lurking somewhere on the property and sure Master Gracey is more gay than Elton John but somewhere in my torn-apart, ghostly heart I know this would work and be adorable.

I shall get Grim Organist and assemble a choir and force them to wine and dine while the choir serenades them with Can you feel the love tonight?

This shall be my mission. If any of you ghosts or mortals choose to assist me in it then that’s fine. (Though I feel like I’m alone on this one)

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