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((In regards to the It’s a Small World  photoset I previously reblogged, I felt the close-up of the clock face encouraged me to point out just how creepy the deranged face of the clock is in Epic Mickey. It is probably one of the creepiest things in Disney in my opinion. I can’t look at it in the parks without being reminded of this. I wish they changed his face to the bad one at Halloween and played the boss music. It would be so awesome and eerie!

In a kind of masochistic way, I really love the warped version of the theme song that plays during the boss battle. I think my brother disaproved when I took it home at Christmas and sang along to the warped theme song as I was defeating the clock. I was too preoccupied with singing along (complete this the dramatic “Bum  Bum! Bum!” bits of the tune) and not paying attention to my playing so poor Jack had to deal with It’s a Small World and my singing for 10 minutes.))

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